Zachary - PsychKick Chief Creative Advisor
Zachary Co-Founder
Chief Creative Advisor

Zach is probably the coolest in the team. He’s in charge of the look and feel of PsychKick. Zach specialises is games design, and also User Interface & Experience. Think we look awesome? It’s all thanks to Zach!

Shafiqah Co-Founder
Chief Executive Officer

When she’s not making sure her Sims are Valedictorian geniuses, Sha is the engine of PsychKick. She makes sure stuff gets done in time, and if not? Let’s not ask.

Sha is a filmmaker inspired to make films for social change. Oh, and Sha is a hero herself with her own story. Go Sha!

Sayid Hafiz Co-Founder
Chief Technical Officer

Hafiz is our genius coder whose superpower is coding at frightening speed. Hafiz creates the services we provide, with the help (and pushing) of Sha and Zach of course!

Hafiz is one who knows mental health issues too well first-hand. His other half is battling her own battles with much support from him. A proud sidekick wanting to help his loved one and others like her too!