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How PsychKick Fits Your Practice?

Client Management

Client Management

Managing your clients and their needs has never been this easy. We do the work, so that you can focus on treating them.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

We follow evidence-based approaches because we know it matters. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the single most practised therapy proven to treat Depression, Anxiety and a variety of conditions. In other words - it works.

Schedule Management

Schedule Management

Keep track of your schedule no matter how packed it is. A mobile secretary working personally for you, how much cooler can it get?

Create an Exceptional Experience With Your Client

Engagement, Observation, Optimization - PsychKick
  • Client Engagement

    Client Engagement

    Foster a relationship with your client that doesn’t just benefit you. Engage your clients and have them enjoy therapy with you.

  • Active Monitoring

    Active Monitoring

    Know who needs your help most. Be there for your clients whenever they are, wherever they are – without much effort from you of course.

  • Optimizing Workflow

    Optimizing Your Workflow

    All your needs packed into a mobile app. What else would you need?

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